Thursday, March 1, 2012

Barbi Twins and Elayne Boosler - "Help Stop Repeal of Hayden Law" - Sign Petition Please!

Barbi Twins and Elayne Boosler combine efforts to help Stray Cat Alliance's petition against the repeal of the Hayden Law which was written to protect shelter animals.
Elayne, Shane and Sia - The "Triplets"
Elayne Boosler and the Barbi Twins
Elayne:    "Then came the "Hayden Law." SB 1785, named for its sponsor, California State Sen. Tom Hayden, became a life saver for adoptable shelter animals, and a humane and valued partner to animal rescuers and owners. It made animal shelters more accountable. It gave the public longer to find their lost animals before they were killed. It mandated more "work friendly" hours to the public for going to the shelters. It was so good, after a few years it expanded to offer owner-surrendered animals the same amount of time (four to six business days) to stay alive for adoption and rescue instead of being instantly killed.

Better and better, right? And now, worse. Gov. Jerry Brown wants to repeal the Hayden Law. Everything comes down to money, but even here, the math is wrong"

Read Elayne's post in its entirety in the Huffington Post:   Barbis, Boosler vs. Brown & Board of Extermination

Sign the petition:  Don't Repeal Hayden

Visit for more information about their fight to stop the repeal of the Hayden Law.

Visit our friend Elayne Boosler's official website at and her animal rescue organization website at

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