Friday, April 9, 2010

The Quad Squad, Barbi Twins, Amy Nelson, Raelynn Nelson

True Cowboy Magazine (CoverPg 44-45 pg 46-47), April 9, 2010

It happens in life whereby an event, of such great magnitude, such treat turmoil and shock, propels people to unify for a common cause and a singular belief.  In this case, that cause is the plight of the wild mustangs, horses and burros in the United States and those people are Shane & Sia, better known as The Barbi Twins and their compadres, Amy nelson and Raelynn Nelson, daughters of Willie, need I say more?  Wranglin' the four women for this interview was no small feat.  But persistence got it done and the "Quad Squad" sat down to discuss the pressing issues of mustang round ups, penning and threatened slaughter.

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