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State of the Oceans

The Barbi Twins
www.latalkradio.com April 23, 2014

barbi twins shane and sia
Shane and Sia Barbi and Rescue Kitten
The Barbi twins, Shane Barbi and Sia Barbi, were famous celebrity pin-up-cover girls of the 90's, that had record breaking calendars, two sold out Playboys and popular branding and merchandise around the world, including their images on Russian stamps. They are now renowned animal activist correspondents and media spokeswomen.

The Barbi Twins are the Animal Editors of the #1 green magazine, "Origin Magazine" (Issue15) and they interview numerous iconic celebrities, like their animal pals Bo Derek and Willie Nelson.

The twins are also health authors of two best selling books. Their latest book, "The Eco Anti Diet Book", teaches people how to incorporate a raw vegan plant diet into everyone's regime and lifestyle.

Lately, the Barbi Twins are also lauded for their famous pet detective work in helping catch the infamous, alleged kitten killer turned cannibal murderer.

The twins were producers of a documentary and of the critically acclaimed film, "Your Mommy Kills Animals", and were featured in many other animal documentaries, including "Saving America's Horses", "Skin Trade" and TV shows, such as Morgan Spurlock's FX "30 Days-Animal Activism".

The Barbi Twins claim that they were the first at being "famous for nothing" and put their 7.5 minutes of infamy each toward animal rights. Famous for Something, Indeed: The Barbi Twins Take Tangible Action for Animal Rights

They grew up in a show-biz family and were featured in their own "Barbi Twins: E! True Hollywood Story". The twins were also featured in a "48 Hours" special about their first book, "Dying to Be Healthy", focusing on their struggles with eating disorders.

What the twins want to bring to the radio show is their bipartisan view on conservation and animal rights. They coined themselves "Green Tea Baggers", claiming the animals are the real 99%-ers, the true victims.

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