Thursday, February 23, 2012

Barbi Twins Speak Out Against Hayden Law Repeal: Doom for Shelter Pets

We are spokespersons for Stray Cat Alliance (SCA), against the Hayden Law Repeal.

Governor  Jerry Brown wants to revoke the Hayden Law for shelter pets in California which currently gives 4-6 days to allow owners to find their lost pets, injured animals to relieve donated medical attention or for fostering or adoption opportunity.   Gov. Jerry Brown wants to cut funds off by eliminating the wait period and killing the pets within only a 72 hour waiting period. This will create mass killings at shelters. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION! Killing has only opened the window for breeders, creating more discarded pets that are dumped at shelters.

As SCA points out, it actually saves money to implement a spay/neuter program.  For instance, to house, euthanize and dispose a pet, it's $250, whereas to simply fix the pet, it is less than $50.

Jerry Brown's solution is not only unethical and uncompassionate, it also won't solve the problem of pet population.  Killing never has been an answer, just an excuse for breeders to continue to over-breed.

It is far cheaper and more cost effective to implement a spay/neuter program.
Petition to urge Gov Jerry Brown to reconsider the Hayden Law Repeal.


  1. money problems happen
    that is true
    but not at the expense
    of innocent animals
    NO CAN DO!!!!

  2. Sounds a little to close to Hitler's ovens to me. This is awful!

  3. Why would a Democrat want to go backwards like this? No wonder Democrats have such a bad name and one hears how both parties are the same, well, these is certyainly an instance of that. Rethugglicants from whack-a-doodie-ville care little for anyone, let alone pets, and now Jerry Brown joins thir ranks.

  4. Please give the animals the chance they never had!! Try and put "breeders" out of business since most are puppy/kitten mills. Please don't let this happen. REPEAL HAYDEN!!!!