Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do Hollywood Stars Support Causes or Cults?

By Shane and Sia Barbi, Founders,
Beverly Hills Times Magazine,  October 2008

Celebrities have the kindest hearts when it comes to supporting charities, gladly offering their names and fame to raise millions for causes.  What's unfortunate, however, is that many stars don't have the time or desire to research the charities they endorse.  Result:  they lend credibility to dishonest organizations that don't follow through with their promises.  One of the worse offenders?  Animal Rights Organizations.  As animal activists, we are shocked to see big-name celebrities endorsing big-name animal rights organizations known for fraudulent claims, misappropriation of funds and even worse -- supporting the belief that "killing is saving."

When a "Cause" turns into a "Cult"

According to experts, a cult is a group or organization that abuses its power by putting its personality  before the principle effort.  Examples of 'good' organizations that further the cause without abusing the fame of a celebrity or putting personality above principle are 12-Step Recovery programs.  As millions know, meetings are led by members.  There are no dinners with big-names on hand to socialize more than sympathize with the cause and no millions in donations requested.  'Bad' organizations (too many to name) claim to help the cause but do little more than help themselves, adding millions to their pockets and using celebrities to get the job done!

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