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The Pop 5 Barbi Twins Interview - The Top 5 Ways to Stop the Canadian Seal Hunt

The Examiner, April 19, 2011
By Jeromie Williams, Canada Pop Culture Examiner

A recent article by the Canada Pop Culture Examiner regarding the Canadian seal hunt unexpectedly caught the attention of the world famous Barbi Twins.  The international super models, turned vegan animal rights activists, have been drawing attention to the highly contested seal hunt in Canada and asked for the opportunity to speak to the Canadian public.

The Canada Pop Culture Examiner has opened up this editorial space in an exclusive interview with the Barbi Twins to bring to you The Pop 5 Ways to Stop the Canadian Seal Hunt.
Ladies and gentlemen - the Barbi Twins.

Canadians are some of the most well mannered, compassionate people in the world, and many in the animal rights world are from Canada. My sister and her husband have always wanted to live in gorgeous Canada, and we all want to visit their wonderful people, but we want ask others to stand united against the Canadian seal slaughter.

The Canadian seal hunt which is happening right now, is the largest marine mammal slaughter in the world. Nearly 400,000 seals are slated to be killed this season, and in the next few months this will happen mostly to the seal pups that are easier to get to.

The seal hunt is a dying business, especially with climate change and melting ice issues. The seal hunt actually costs Canada more than it makes, relying mostly on subsidies from the government and tax payers. The inhumane slaughter gives Canada a bad reputation - it's dated, barbaric and most Canadians are not in support of it.

Canadians vote their politicians into office and should voice their opinion and not support this "politically correct" and inhumane barbaric blood sport in the disguise of culture and tradition. It is as dated as a cave man clubbing a woman on the head and dragging her by her hair.

If more people saw the images of baby seals helplessly trying to run from sealers, mothers begging for their lives while many others are skinned alive, there would be an outcry. The rules for humane slaughter are not being enforced as is being reported by Sheryl Fink from the IFAW who has witnessed and filmed a pups being skinned alive.

What can we do?
  1. We can boycott and protest, PPP - People, Places and Products - that support the seal hunt, or that enable the seal hunt to continue. Call Canadian tourism agencies and tell them that you are boycotting any visits to Canada as long as they turn a blind eye to the seal slaughter. Boycott any products that support seal fins, seal parts, or pelts. Target BUYERS of seal pelts and parts with petitions, letter campaigns and boycotts of anyone or anything that supports the buyers of seal skins. Hatem Yavuz is one of the last and biggest buyers of seal pelts and known as the Seal Slaughter Tycoon. He is the DEVIL to seals. No buyer = no hunt. Simple supply and demand.
  2. Help inspire eco-tourism that brings in more money than they are losing in the hunt, and help repair Canada's reputation that has beem stigmatized cruelty and bring peace to the conflicting Canadians that are SICK of paying for a barbaric, dying and disgusting slaughter. It's hardly a fair hunt when the ones hunted are helpless babies begging for their lives. Let's reinvent the image of the seals back into the innocent, helpless animal victims that they are.
  3. Inform others and expose the truth! No more excuses and lies! Do not let pro sealers get by with using the excuse that the overpopulation of seals eat the fish stocks - that is a lie, they actually eat predatory fish that go after the fish we all eat. It is not culture or tradition, it is more like an embarrassing "family secret" that they have to deny and justify. There is NO career in seal hunts. The government has to actually pay out and use tax payer money to subsidize the hunt because it just doesn't make money. They LOSE money.
  4. Call or contact Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans who is also responsible for the Canadian Coast Guard at 1-8OO-224-0018 or by email at Shea.G@parl.gc.ca.  She can extend the hunt season and has already raised the hunt limit by 200,000 seals. She has even promoted the eating of seal meat at political functions in order to justify the seal hunt as a traditional practice when it is simply MURDER.
  5. Do not donate blindly or join fraudulent groups without researching first - there are imposters out there pretending to be activists. Be hands on, ACT, don't REACT! The most reputable, credible organization is the official Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) run by Paul Watson, and we recommend that everyone research any seal group, spokesperson or campaign through them at http://www.seashepherd.org/
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