Saturday, December 10, 2011

Obama Flipflops on Campaign Pledge to Prevent Horse Slaughter, Media Mum

NewsBusters, Noel Sheppard, Dec 10, 2011

"Over the years, we’ve covered the efforts of former Playboy playmates Shane and Sia Barbi to put an end to the slaughter of horses in the United States. And, now that Congress has just lifted a ban that could result in a return to horse slaughter for meat after it had been outlawed for five years, the Barbi Twins are revamping their efforts. [...]

The twins are asking fans to get involving either by signing a petition, calling the White House (“Tell Obama to keep his promise to ban horse slaughter and pass H.R. 2966,” they write) or to call Wyoming Rep. Sue Wallis “who is pro horse slaughter and tell her that Americans don’t want to see PET horses as meat on our dinner tables.”

Read the entire article:  NewsBusters

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