Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rescue Ink is searching for the killer of the two vacuumed kittens, Examiner

Dena Stapleton, Pet Advocacy

Rescue Ink and the Barbi Twins are dedicated to finding the teen who videotaped himself placing two kittens into a vacuum sealed bag and sealed the bag then sucking the air out of the bag suffocating the kittens.

"With killing two completely innocent and helpless kittens, this teen will eventually move on to larger targets. It may be a cat or dog next time and then move on to a kid, teen or woman. With most serial killers they started out on killing animals and most were cats. Authorities have noticed a pattern to these types of killings, and that they upgrade to people. Sia Barbi, of the Barbi Twins and an avid animal activist, said “We all know that kids who torture animals are criminals in the making. But boys who specifically target cats usually go onto sexual violent crimes against women, this has been proven. These are usually society's rejected sociopaths who are unpopular cowards, typically failing and struggling with sexuality and social issues, but crave their 15 minutes of fame at any sadistic price.” Therefore, this teen that did this is extremely likely to progress to a human. People need to step up and come together to find this teen and anyone else involved to prevent any other killing from happening. If he did it this time on video, how many other times has he done it before ever shooting the video? Makes you wonder. He needs to be stopped before he creates a video of a human victim."

Read the rest of the article: http://www.examiner.com/article/rescue-ink-is-searching-for-the-killer-of-the-two-vacuumed-kittens

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